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Who are you?

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shutterstock_337698This is a challenging question, not asked very often these days, we are more inclined to talk about what we do or what we think rather than who we are.

Our education system is based on intellectual growth, measuring intelligence and academic achievement as the greatest mark of success. Opportunities for creative expression are not as highly valued, you only have to read ‘The Element’ by Sir Ken Robinson, or watch any of his podcasts to appreciate how lacking we are in this area.

We talk a lot about potential, but whose potential. Is it the potential I think you have or your mother thinks you have or your teachers think you have. Are you trying to fit in with your peers or adapt to the ways of the modern world without having examined and discovering your potential for yourself. Are you really you or an image which has been projected on to you by others.

When I taught counselling to mature students at  University, one of the biggest hurdles was to teach them how to listen to others without jumping in with their own words, providing their solution or showing off with their own examples. Showing them how to read their own body signals as a part of the listening process was almost as if I had introduced magic and yet we know from babies that they can read our moods and feelings intuitively. If you are panicking when holding a crying baby, that baby will usually cry even more. 

When I work with people who want to find a new direction in life, the first thing to do before we can crystallize any ideas or action, is to go back to basics. Find their passion, their joy, whether it’s helping others, finding out how things work, dancing, expressing themselves through painting,number crunching or design.

My Job Club Workshops , which start in Kent in the New Year, will place  the  emphasis on Understanding Yourself first and then make the plan of action.  It’s your path of Unfolding. Your Map, Your Discovery.

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