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Up close and personal – be your own life/career coach

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There are many offerings available from the web, in books and magazineswith regards to life coaching and career management, stacks of information on resume building, cv templates and interview questions and the internet can also supply sites which will help you with government jobs, working from home, on line jobs, graduate jobs – in fact, any job you can think of.shutterstock_30988480

It takes time and effort to sort through what is available and decide what you are going to do with it all, often it can produce information indigestion and an overwhelming panic about what to do first, so consequently you do nothing.

My aim with Life-Changing is not just to bring you more information, but to bring a service which is personal to you. For twenty years I have worked in the ‘People’ business, from counselling and therapy to Outplacement and Human Resource Management, the need most frequently expressed was for people to be listened to and treated as a person not just a ‘commodity’.

It takes a lot of skill to really listen and understand what someone is saying without putting your own spin on what they need to do and make suggestions about their best way forward. Taking this experience, the Life changing Job Search packages have been designed to get you really thinking about yourself and reflect on your life to date and what you want to do with the rest of it.  In effect, the packages are built from my personal background, knowledge and training and condensed into a toolkit which will help you become your own life coach. 

The psychometric test/thinking preferences profile has been included to help you understand what your values are and the time of work or environment which is best suited to your nature. You can also learn what new strengths to build on as it’s always possible to add other skills to your repertoire. Shining a light on who you are and what you think and feel can help you bring a new dimension to your life.

In my own lifetime I have experienced peaks and troughs, because of the needs of my family when I as growing up, I put my own hopes and ambitions to one side  and being used to not asking for help I have, many times, struggled on alone and it’s not comfortable and not necessarily beneficial although people like to say it’s character building! 

Currently, most of us have so many obligations, from being the perfect parent, most beautiful girlfriend, successful in our careers and forward financial planning – big laugh – that we are stretched to the limit, especially with time. It’s harder and harder to give a personal, service to people which takes in all of the problems with being  human.

People will remember you if you give that little bit extra and if you are looking for a new position right now, make an effort to find someone who has the kind of job you would like and ask if you can shadow them for a day or two. In America this is quite commonplace and is known as ride-along. This approach keeps your spirits up and introduces you to the world to which you would like to belong.

So let us ride-along with you whilst you map out your new career pathway, you don’t have to do it alone.

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