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Ebb and Flow

Submitted by on April 24, 2009 – 9:07 amNo Comment

How do you structure your time and energy? Do you think about this concept at all.

Most philosphies talk about being enlightened or illuminated and yet we tend to stay in a state of withdrawal.

Withdrawal can be physical or mental – you could be in a meeting where the room is stuffy and the process unrewarding. It’s difficult to actually leave so we leave by daydreaming instead.

We may also do this with our relationships. Instead of using language to discuss the problem or situation and then find a solution, we stay in old patterns of psychological games which just produce the same outcomes.

I wonder how much of your life may be lost like this. Some reveries can give rise to happy feelings, some to unpleasant ones, either way you are lost to this moment .

This is a time for waking up. The current world financial problems has woken us with a start to face the actualities of the problem. Don’t wait until you have a huge problem , you can start waking up now.

Take a moment and look around. Notice three things you see around you which make you smaile, take a breath and then breathe out. Do this on the hour every hour until 1.00pm. today.

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