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Take an Emotional Selfie

Submitted by on March 12, 2017 – 1:25 pmNo Comment

This morning I appeared to have a momentary writer’s block, then realised I was trying too hard to find the right words to make what I say sound intelligent, interesting and of value to my readers. I can only write from my heart and hope that you can find something of value to you in the message.

I can see my Be Perfect Driver Behaviours were  present and it took me a moment to conclude that I have been doing too much research on the Internet and Social media ,losing focus on fears clients have been discussing with me this past week or two. The old crow on the shoulder was cawing it’s you must, you should you ought song in my ear!. So, crow has been despatched outside!! (no real birds have been injured in this action!!!!!!!!)

Back to my clients, they have been telling me how overwhelmed they have become by the amount of information concerning , the right way to have a life, to be happy at all costs and make sure by the way you have a perfect career,home and family and in that way you can consider yourself a worthwhile person. They are living with anxiety about being judged or overly concerned about missing out or making mistakes. Attempting to take this information on board is in the end, depressing, which builds into non action or more information seeking. The cycle stays stuck. Jen, Patrick and Leslie all came with the same issues on exactly the same day ( they know I have mentioned them!)

The 24 hour broadcasting of opinions, ideas and value judgements, are contradicted by someone else within minutes, it’s very easy to look as if you have the answers but if you drill down with most politicians or media prsonalities, they are not able to design a plan and then implement it.

When we are overloaded with opinions the results are states of confusion and discord. If you have not found your internal secure base to hang on to, you will be anxious about what steps to take in your life plan because external events are swamping you. You cannot cover all contingencies, the what if’ question can be asked eternally.

With children if they have a secure base internally, they will feel free to explore and experiment. If you are over anxious this tells me as a practiced therapist with over 3000 clients in the last decade, that you have lost touch with your inner guide and are focusing too much on events you cannot control or on what other people are getting or thinking and believe they know better than you what you need to do with your life.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that know one else will ever know you better than yourself and by doing and emotional selfie  you can find your next steps in the process of life called your journey. We are all drops in the ocean and between us we make up the whole, get to know which sea you are in.

If you don’t know who you are, the good the bad and the ugly characteristics which make us human,you will always be someone else and never wholly yourself.shutterstock_36039229

email me if you what to find out how to do this






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