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At the Life-Changing Company we offer a service devoted to  people’s lives, in a changing world.

Read what people say:

Stephen aged 18:

Allie really helped me focus on my next steps. I learnt how to tap the hidden job market and make approaches to speculative employers. I didn’t realise the value of preparation and research or how networking could be such a valuable tool.


Mum of two:

“My partner and myself both have demanding jobs and with two young children we found ourselves in a cycle of arguing and upset and we didn’t know how to stop. Working with Allie enabled us to discuss what how we wanted our lives to run and how we were going to help our children grow their own lives. Funnily enough we actually both wanted the same things but our styles of communication meant we didn’t hear what each other was saying. Allie showed us how to plan and we now have a calmer house and a better work life balance.”Denise

Director in Health Services“Thank you for all the support in the process of restructuring. I was successful in the interviews and just wanted to write and thank you for all the effort you put in to help me personally” Mohit 

Team Manager Retail “Thanks for your tuition. I’ve learnt a lot and even though a few tears have been shed I have enjoyed myself. We have all changed for the better….pat yourself on the back – you’ve done a good job. Thanks once again.”Loretta 

Work Life Balance With elderly parents, a job and a family I was sinking into a pit of despair because I couldn’t make everyone happy. Allie helped me to understand that I didn’t have to do it all myself and showed me how to find the resources which would help me care for my parents. Knowing they were getting more help, freed me up to spend more time with the children. Life is still not perfect but I no longer feel alone.Jeanie

Training and Development Advisor, Pfizer plc Twice yearly, Allie has run an eight day programme for our team…which includes improving communications, self-image and self-esteem, assertion not aggression, personal organisation and planning for the future. Allie is very knowledgeable…and is full of ideas….Allie is a very talented and competent trainer and has the great ability to adapt to different personalities and circumstances. Her style of training is extremely flexible and she rapidly develops empathy with the group. Allie is dedicated to providing what her delegates and clients need. Delegate feedback has always been very positive and follow-up sessions have shown that the programme has been of great benefit. Allie is great fun to work with and….I can thoroughly recommend her and feel sure that her knowledge and skills will be of value to….(any) organisation”  Sue Clark

Business Banking Manager, Lloyds Bank plc“Thank you very much indeed for the excellent presentation….You know from the reaction of the audience that it was very well received” David

Looking for a career change
“I would recommend Allie to anyone. A considerate, personable and
natural professional who’s “can do” attitude can’t fail to rub off on
you!”  Simon

Stay at home mum I have been struggling with my decision to stay at home whilst bringing  up my family, confused by the differing opinions of others on what is the’right’thing to do. With Allie’s help I understood that it has always been difficult for me to make choices which are important to me and that I tend to get swayed by people who can put their points more assertively. Often I do not  discuss my needs and shut others out and then they get cross. I also found out that sometimes I do the complete opposite of what I want just to be rebellious. Allie showed me a way in which I can sort out my values, include other people who are important to me and then make a free choice.Maggie

With over 25 years experience, we have a number of services to support you including:

Change your mind and Change Your Life Programme

Work Life Balance

Career Direction

Outplacement and redundancy support


To find out more, email allie@life-changing.co.uk



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