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shutterstock_35368612The first part of the Job Search Package begins with a module on Understanding Yourself, followed by a survey and report on your thinking preferences.

I chose this route because most of us have not really had the time to sit and reflect about who we are, or give a reality check to our talents and  preferences. Our world is so fast paced and goal driven that focussing on the future means we constantly miss information from the present .

In combining Understanding Yourself with the HBDI survey, there is an opportunity to take stock of how you have arrived at the point you are now, how you make decisions and what goals you have for your future.

Its not about setting up a rigid structure, because humans need flexibility, but rather as a guide to help you through the forest of life. Your thinking preferences report is also a useful tool to help you construct a C.V. and as preparation for interview; you can also tell what kind of further training and development will benefit your future.

It is also interesting to find out whether you are predominantly right or left brained in your thinking preferences and how this impacts on your personal relationships. if you are right brained, you will tend towards innovation and creativity with an emphasis on relationships. If you are left brained, then your favourite thinking style is concerned with planning, structure, detail and the subsequent behaviours to reflect this.

So you can imagine these two styles, especially under duress, have opposing behaviours, expectations and language. This is often the bedrock for a good row leaving people upset and confused as we perceive the’other’as being ‘difficult’.

Teams and families which can incorporate each others differences and values, make a strong, supportive, productive, unit. If you are constantly fighting and trying to get ‘your own’ way, if you win because you are the loudest and most foreceful, you most likely will store up bad feeling in others who then will not give you cooperation to produce the best outcome. Its very well known in making a deal that if you can’t get a win/win outcome it’s best to walk away. Think Dragon’s Den.

So, if you are looking for a new job, then we can help you identify your preferences and avoidances, your strengths and weaknesses and help you to show a company what a valuable asset you could be.

A win/win.

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