Recognizing Glass Children – The SIBS Charity
April 9, 2019 – 11:17 am | No Comment

I have recently been appointed to the Board of Trustees for a charity called SIBS,   whose work focuses on the needs of siblings – children, teens and adultswho have a brother or sister with …

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7 types of interview Questions
July 20, 2009 – 1:26 pm | No Comment
7 types of interview Questions

If you are about to have an interview and are worried about questions, here are some pointers.
Self Awareness.
This question is designed to get a feel for who you are and your skills and attitudes.
Tell me …

Protecting against swine flu
July 16, 2009 – 7:52 am | No Comment

There is nothing worse for us humans when we believe we have no control over a situation.
Currently, the swine flu and recession are giving a double whammy to our insecurities.
Apart from the general hygiene steps …

Monday Morning motivation.
July 6, 2009 – 11:56 am | No Comment

Thought I would look at motivation this morning as its a Monday morning and many of you will be flagging already at your desks, making chat by the coffee machine and checking your watches to …