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Money Money Money

Submitted by on April 20, 2009 – 10:30 amNo Comment

Have spent so much of my life concentrating on people and relationships, I excluded money from my consciousness.

Having said that I was always encouraged as a young woman do do good deeds for no money – eg free babysitting.

It really got on my nerves, my friends got paid and yet my ma would arrange for me to go round and look after some dear little ones – note the gritted teeth – and say of course Alison would be delighted to help for nothing. yah boo and sucks.

Its so easy to give a child the view that they have no worth as far as earning power. It’s happening now when we are more encouraging of the young to take benefits than to really help them with life affirming choices.

Some of the thinking and attitudes circulating now are down to transferring some of the beliefs and teachings of counselling and psychotherapy into the workplace.

The non judgemental, person centred and unconditional regard approaches, are meant for the unique relationship between therapist and client where the client can be truly comfortable and trusting of the other person to hear their story.

In the outside world we need more boundaries, structure and solutions, of course peoples feelings can be acknowledged but I have been to so many team meetings, particularly public sector which seem to have become very similar to group counselling, understanding and hearing the other but not taking action.

My sister has Down’s syndrome and when she was in a residential unit in London, there were hours spent at meetings, but very little was actioned. She had to become seriously disturbed and moved to a hospital unit before her life could change.

No wonder the world is getting angrier.

So Monday rant over – just bring me the cash
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