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Monday Morning motivation.

Submitted by on July 6, 2009 – 11:56 amNo Comment

Thought I would look at motivation this morning as its a Monday morning and many of you will be flagging already at your desks, making chat by the coffee machine and checking your watches to see whether its time to get down the road to Ronalds Rolls and Baps, to select your lunchtime snack.

I can feel the dragging of your feet along the pavement and your heavy shoulders drooping at the thought of four more days to go to the weekend.

Getting motivated to do anything let alone decide between tuna and mayo or sausage and pickle, white, brown granary,sandwich, roll or bap just seems an impossible task.

So, how do you get motivated to change your life?

There are thousands of stories to listen too, inspirational speakers to download, uplifting pictures and videos by the score. Always assuming you have enough motivation to find any of them in the first place.

These days its quite difficult to actually have the space and time to find out who you are so you probably have no idea what would motivate you.

Most of us are educated in schools whereby we have to comply with the expectations of that particular system.

There will most likely not be the room to discover who you are outside of that framework.

If you are lucky, you might get a personality profile but not the ffedback which is required for you to make most use of it.

The system I use covers thinking preferences and you can find out whether you are left or right brained which will mean you tend to use a particular style.

For example if you are right brained you will be more likely to be creative and innovative but because you will steer away from planning and detail it will be hard for you to bring ideas into action by yourself.

What you need is a person who does like plans and details and in the beginning you may find conversation a struggle because they will need information and detail from you which you are not used to giving.

When coaching people I work with them using what they like and cherish as a basis, this is based on motivational interviewing techniques.

Also, most of us try to do too much at once, get overloaded and dispirited and then give up.

So this week start to think about just two things:

What really makes you happy?

What kind of work would you be truly excited about?

Once we have some clear focus then we can build a pathway, otherwise you will stay on the road to nowhere.

Remember too that you don’t just need to have one, big enormous goal, small ones are important and just as worthwhile.

Modern day expectations were about going to vare about

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