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Looking into the mirror-success or failure

Submitted by on August 27, 2009 – 10:32 amNo Comment

shutterstock_16479565Its pouring with rain today and feels more like early October than late August so I am sitting writing this blog in a state of reflection.

I had called in on my daughter earlier today to look after my grandson who has a streaming cold.

I took with me some old photographs, some of which date back to about 1880 and some of them are pictures of my great Uncle Bill in the trenches.

How different is my life to theirs. Different in circumstances but probably not much in the way we worry about certain aspects. Love, life, death, money and relationships. Concerns about whether we are good or bad people and what does that mean anyway.

One side of a technique called mirroring, is to learn how to take the events which keep on occurring for us and see how they fit with any of our innermost self beliefs. If people in your life keep putting you down, they you may need to ask yourself howcome they think they can do this and still have you as a friend?

Real, loving friends don’t put you down, they are supporting and uplifting. What you might find is that you are naturally drawn to people who are rude because you haven’t recognised that you don’t need to poke up with this because you don’t value yourself enough.

So if you are looking for a new job right now, then you need to value yourself and show yourself in the best light possible.

This means getting turning your C.V. into a killer C.V. instead of one that ends up in the bin. Prepare for interviews, read up on the company before you go, know why you want the job and practise a short paragraphs that you can speak clearly and confidently at interview.

The photographs I took out today are purely two dimensional. The people in them cannot tell me about their hopes, fears, ambitions or achievements.

Remember, you can tell people about what you can do – don’t keep the best stuff hidden away because of a lack in confidence.


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