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Life without Passions but Life hearing whispers

Submitted by on March 21, 2018 – 3:51 pmNo Comment

Certainly in the last ten years, hunting down your ‘Passion’ seems the successful way to go, yet,not every person, no matter how hard they look,can find one. This illusion, mostly created by the celebrity culture or social media, works towards encouraging the rest of us to feel lacking or a failure.


I myself have been taken in the past, leaping on to the hamster wheel but the last few years, working with more spiritual advisers, have led me to follow a gentler, more serene life, accepting life is coloured by loss, sadness, failures and that your ‘passion’ can be found in the quiet whispers of random acts of kindness, generosity with money and of spirit, service and dedication.

Passion does not have to be show off or Ra Ra, you needn’t fight for it, it can be quiet, unseen, slowly navigating the river of life through the reeds.

The whispers of your mind body spirit and emotions will be your guides. Take time to listen. Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey have both talked about the whispers. For them, their journey meant accomplishing great things, yours or mine may not be that fantastic but will be as important.

If you have forgot how to hear yours, make some time for yourself and email me if you would like a Skype session on how to remember.






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