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Building the Bridges of Team Work

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shutterstock_35798812Do you know what your personal values are and how they are essential in planning a successful career. These kind of topics are dealt with in the Understanding Yourself Module of the Job Search programme, with additional information that you will gain from the personality survey of your preferences and avoidances.

In the meantime, here is some information to get you thinking.

In the career context, the word, value, refers to how you feel about the work you are doing and the contribution it makes to society as a whole. Most people who are able to work in an environment where their values are matched by those found in the organisation or the tasks of the job, feel more satisfied and successful in their careers.

You can divide work values into intrinsic, those values which relate to a particular interest in the objectives and tasks of the work itself, or its benefit to the wider community or society;or, extrinsic, which are the values connected to working conditions, pay, potential or other external benefits. To be truly satisfied with your work, there must be some intrinsic value to you. Of course what is of value to you may not have the same value to someone else, which is why building the bridges of understanding make a huge contribution to well being in the workplace.

 Here are some example values, you might like to rate them in terms of :-

very important value (1),valuable(2) or don’t value much(3)

Help others, meet people, work alone, work with others, artistic creativity, competition, precision or detailed work, fast pace,change,financial gain stability,technical knowledge.

You now have an insight into some of your must haves in future employment or career change. Getting to understand who you are and your core values and needs will help you to discover the right environment to demonstrate your skills and where you can benefit the organisation as a whole. They will also act as a guide when you look at your achievements and prepare for your interviews.

This will also help you start to develop a work life balance as neither your career, nor your personal life exist separately from each other, they are both a part of your life’s path.

The profile which is included in the Job Search programmes, will also give you an insight into whether you are left or right brained in your preferred thinking style. When you can understand the differences in the way people think and the behaviour they consequently use and the individual needs they have , you can then build a really high functioning team. Communication builds the bridges between us.

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