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A new life landscape -A Free New Year coaching session

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shutterstock_39084952[1]These snowy days are such a good metaphor for life. Beautiful yet inconvenient, sparkling and slushy, exciting and dangerous, joyful and boring.

This year has been a challenging roller coaster ride for most of us.Losses and gains, changes and uncertainty, financial worries and the ever present threat of swine flu. These events bring to mind how we want to be in control of our lives but the ability to do so appears ever elusive or something which belongs to others and not to ourselves.

We busy ourselves with a multitude of tasks, distract ourselves with entertainment or console ourselves through some habits which most days we would rather not have to compensate for what is missing in our lives.

What is our search about? have you been able to take a little time out to sit and reflect on the kind of life which would give you satisfaction.  As a gift to you at New Year, here are some examples of the questions which would start a life – coaching sourse.

What is most important to you in your life?

What is missing in your life which would make it more fulfilling?

What must occur during your lifetime so that you can leave the planet with no regrets.

What is your secret passion?

What in your life has to go?

Name one change you want to make in the New Year.

These are the type of reflective questions typical of life-coaching or career coaching. They are designed to stimulate your thinking so that you can begin to focus on the important things. Sometimes we cannot get what we want directly. For example if you are looking for a relationship, you may become overwhelmed by making the efforts to find ‘the one’ or make no effort at all.

If you are trying to lose weight then you may have an all or nothing strategy – starving or bingeing.

One of the most helpful ways to make the changes you want is continue to ask yourself if what you are doing is the best you can do for yourself. When you reach the end of your life will you feel you have put the best of yourself into it? Make no criticisms or judgements, just build your awareness because through this awareness you can make changes which will last.

Most of us spend a huge amount of time battling against our ego which constantly tells us that we should be a certain sort of person, following a particular career path, fitting in with the crowd. You’ll know when the black crow of your ego is hovering because you will hear thoughts that have the words, should, ought or must; you will feel guilty, depressed or angry, pompous, sanctimonious, grandiose and discounting of others. There will certainly be no win wins in your relationships as you fight to maintain control.

 So to start the New Year, banish those negative thoughts about yourself and the world, let the winds of gentleness and compassion flow through your mind so that your hearts may rest in peace.

For those of you who want to look at a spiritual quest about struggling with the ego, try a book called a Course in Miracles’. It’s a bit weighty, the sort of book where a chapter a time is enough!!

Lets get  coaching.

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