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Growing Older, Growing Wiser

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P1000636I came across this mention about The Univocity of Being ( John Duns Scotus 1265 – 1308 )when receiving my daily meditation from the Centre for Action and Contemplation.

The online delivery each day of a subject  for me to reflect on and contemplate is really quite magical – it just pops into my life – usually first thing in the morning before I have even finished my first cup of tea and gives me a topic around which to build my day or to bring to  client’s life coaching sessions.

Now I am not perfect at this by any means but I find when drifting towards those moments where I  slip into the shadowy part of my mind which is full of fears and spiders, whispering voices tut tutting at my failures and shortcomings, I have something more meaningful to ponder on instead of allowing myself to be focussed on the negatives.

So, what is the Univocity of Being – it literally means speaking with one voice and applies to all manner of life forms on the planet and how we are all interlinked. Rather like the colours in an artists paint box, all different but together, making up the complete spectrum.

It’s a useful approach for  life coaching sessions, because your mind, body and emotions are also linked by one ‘voice’. As well as traditional medicine, this kind of reflective thinking can be used to give you pointers for your life and mechanisms for helping your body to relax and heal.

You can try this yourself.

Imagine you have persistent sore throats – you can interpret this as a metaphor for not speaking up,or constant headaches – which stop you thinking and if really debilitating, compromise your life.  By unlocking some of your inherited life messages/thoughts/attitudes/ you gain a different perspective and a new freedom to live your life as the person you truly are and to nurture the growth of others.

Different stages in life bring different fears and challenges. Currently I am being asked by older people, particularly women, to add Growing Older and Growing Wiser – a new approach to life after fifty – as a six week coaching programme.

This will give people a chance to open up to their fears about the amount of time they have left in the world to realise their dreams, large or small.

You can contact me to find out more about the group which will be held in the beautiful Kent countryside, one evening a week.


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