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The Landscape of your Life

Submitted by on February 2, 2017 – 10:51 amOne Comment

There is a little awareness of how we sleepwalk through life, diverting ourselves from our own nature by concentrating on future outcomes or past regrets, wishing we were someone else, with someone else or doing something else. More awareness comes naturally with age, when the moment of exiting this life confronts you and the realisation of what you thought was important no longer has a value.

Sometimes this comes hand in hand with anger or bitterness because you no longer have the opportunity to live that young life again.

You don’t need to wait until old age, you can start to unfold your centre now.

We live in a fast paced world, judged by our peers, internet sites and the media. A world full of information on how to be and what to do, if you aren’t or can’t you are failing. A world full of distractions, visual images, mobile phones, i pads, i pods, lap tops, blackberries, blueberries and the cherry on top…..

We are called to be perfect mothers with model children who excel academically, don’t do drink or drugs, always drive safely and keep their rooms tidy; or, real men who are also nurturing, can mind read women and hunt lions in their spare time but don’t kill them.

In the midst of all this stimulation, do you know what is important for you. Have you discovered who you really are or are you clothed in someonelse’s ambition? Are you pretending to like the life you have because you think you should?

If you want to take some time out then come and spend some time with me and start to design the landscape for your life. I could label my coaching practice with fancy titles, but ultimately, it’s the relationship between you and me which will help you centre and become yourself, lower your stress,inspire and motivate you. Nurture you.

One person seeing another. In a quiet place.


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