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Don’t stay isolated get networking

Submitted by on August 18, 2009 – 8:29 amNo Comment

shutterstock_4884196Do you have friends who always seem to get jobs easier than you? Have you ever wondered how some people always manage to turn up interesting opportunities?

Well, I bet if you look closer you will find that they consciously or subconsciously network constantly with other people and professional organisations.

This doesn’t just mean social chit chat, but joining networks such as Linkedin or having a Facebook Business Page and using Twitter and the Social media to develop your brand.

We have now moved into radically different times which means learning to market yourself in a much more focused way. Firing off 200 C.V.’s never worked and isn’t going to work.

I can hear you groan with the thought of making effort but aren’t you worth it?

You will now need to think about the kind of life you want and what you are going to need to do about it. It means getting enterprising and energised, learning how to produce the C.V. which will get you seen, not one which will stop you.

Its disappointing, I know, for many young graduates, who thought their degree would be enough, to find the job market has changed drastically. It doesn’t mean your studies were a waste of time all it means is that you now need to learn how to market yourself. Its actually a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know yourself and what you do well in a quantifiable context. If you are warm and friendly, then you can show this in either voluntary work or outside interests. Don’t spin, be the real thing.

If you want to get into a particular sector, network with people already working there and get to shadow them for a day. Of course you might need to earn some money in a part time role while you do this but your intelligence should help you find ways of getting yourself seen.

So, today, begin your list of who you know and tomorrow we will look at how to refine who you are and what you are about so that you can approach these people with clarity and confidence. The Job Search programme will help you to identify opportunities for networking.

Remember too that networking ives you a chance to help someone else solve their problems so if you have been in customer service or sales, then you will find networking easier to do from the point of assisting a businesscompany to get what they want.

Its worth having a small website where you can show examples of what you do and a business card which will guide interested parties to your site.

A weekly blog about work subjects in which you are interested or have expertise will also add value.

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