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Get Creative with your Job Search – because hardly anyone does!

Submitted by on November 3, 2014 – 10:35 amNo Comment

shutterstock_24703522Having trained many people over the last fifteen years in the art of Job Search Techniques, there is one common thread which continually appears –  a lack of creativity in the routes to getting a job.

Most people resort to the classifieds or recruitment agencies only to be disappointed in the lack of contact – what is it with recruiters that they find it so hard to return calls – or give any updates on what is happening after submitting your CV?  If you think that the majority of people searching for a new job are applying by these routes, it’s rather like being in the mass of people who turn up for the Boxing Day sales, only a few will get the good stuff.

So what is creativity in this instance, there have been memorable cases recently – one the guy on the plinth in Trafalgar square and  the guy with the sandwich board offering his services. Both are now in work.

There are several innovative ways in which you can kick start your creative process.

It does take confidence but you have to remember that most people keep to the traditional routes and you are not going to be one of them so:

If you don’t have a facebook account, get one and start informing people what you can do to help grow, or add value to a business. (You have to thinking giving and not getting)

Think about the next role you would like and approach companies with a request to shadow someone who has that role already .

Research companies and approach them anyway even if they are not hiring.  Our packages give you templates of the covering letters to write when using this method.

I know I have mentioned this before with reference to graduates, theatres such as the Opera House at Covent Garden have both apprenticeships and internships,  you can also approach the voluntary sector and give some time each week to helping others. This will add to your skillset and get you in contact with other people.

Network, go along to some local business clubs and see what is happening in your area,  being proactive is the key as it also demonstrates that you are willing and energetic, able to give rather than wait to receive qualities which are vital in today’s economic climate.

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