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Designing a successful electronic C.V.

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One of the major problems people have when looking for a new job or their first job, is how to produce an effective C.V. to send electronically. You know the one that gets you seen and not the one in the recycle bin.

I cover C.V. preparation in depth in the Job Search Packages but  I thought today I would share some information with you about the importance of keywords.

What are keywords? Well, if you look at job titles, advertisements person specifications and job descriptions, they will always use certain keywords which relate to their particular need or industry.

Provided you have the skills or attributes they are seeking, you can make a list of the keywords and place them under your address but before your profile.

If your C.V. is computer scanned , it will be searching for keywords and will scan the complete document. Whilst it won’t be interested in any fancy design of your C.V. it will be on the hunt for the keywords which is why its important to put them in as a summary, with each word separated by a comma. In the summary write these words as nouns.

You can give also back up your keywords with examples of how you demonstrated these skills in your achievement section.

You can use keywords again in the rest of your C.V. The outside interest section can be useful to demonstrate other skills which you do not have in your work experience.

Your success in being selected and ranked when  producing an electronic C.V. will depend on the skill you use when including keywords.

Some examples:

Keyword summary.

Management,organisation,improvement,I.T. ,Finance,Projects,Design.

You can then include these as action verbs in the body of your C.V.

Managed,organised,improved,designed etc.


Project life cycle,finance systems,analytical thinking skills, task oriented or any other ‘Buzz’ specific to your industry, counselling,coaching.

The C.V. Preparation Section of The Job search Packages gives lists of Keywords.

If you are new to the job permanent job market, it is worthwhile looking at any holiday job or outside interest where you have demonstarted these skills. You might not have the relevant job experience – you can learn that but you do need to show you know what is meant by skills and how you have used them.

If you had to plan a project for A level or your degree, you can write about this.

One useful way for young people to build a C.V. is to develop one on your own website. This will give you a format where you can illustrate more about you than a standard C.V. layout can offer. This is particularly effective when making a direct approach to companies.

In making your keyword list you will also start to gain confidence so it is a really useful exercise in building your self esteem.

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