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Work Life Balance

Are you feeling lost, overwhelmed, fed up or stressed? Has your work lost its meaning, your relationships  become lack lustre and your family life an arena for non stop arguing – well these are all clues that something needs to change  for a better life.shutterstock_49247131[1]

Over the last twenty years, I have trained and coached many people from busy executives, team managers, mums returning to work and those whose jobs have been made redundant either individually or in groups.

Most people know at some level what they want to do but are unsure of the techniques or behaviours to use to make the changes stick. This is where coaching comes in.

By blending in counselling helps you to deal with experiences, past or present which are affecting you emotionally or keeping you stuck in an unhelpful thinking pattern which affects your future.

It can be useful to have counselling first before you opt for coaching in new strategies or behaviours.

An initial appoinment will sort out which is the best approach for you right now.

We will all have an idea in our minds of how we want our lives to be – it just may not be in our conscious awareness and coaching can help you to crystallize your thoughts and actions and provide you with the steps to create a different future which works for you.

To get started on your changes:

email me for a free telephone consultation or to make an initial appointment.