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Breaking Free – The Job Search Packages

Submitted by on August 17, 2009 – 8:36 amNo Comment

shutterstock_36299836We are nearly there! After what seems lke forever, the Job Search Packages will be on line to purchase as from the 15th September. The Bronze package,for individuals, will take you step by step through the process of getting a new position with some of the best tips taken from my time in the outplacement industry.

I wonder what my old headmistress would make of this? She never thought that I would amount to anything of any substance, let alone train as a counsellor and therapist and eventually work in outplacement, change management and career coaching for some of the largest organisations in the world. My dad had that view too, his comments were always along the lines of ‘You’ll never do it”” I think he was probably talking about himself and projecting his own lack on to me. When I think that at age 24 he spent 4 years in a prisoner of war camp in the Far East, the time when he should have been blossoming as a young man, he encountered severe privation, fear and uncertainty and from family stories , was not the same person when he returned aged 28. Our family were never greatly supportive in helping you to achieve. They didn’t praise in case you got above your station. I once asked my Nan is she meant Waterloo Station and she didn’t speak to me for some weeks after!They also seemed to have the view that you would stay close by if you were not independent. Latterly I realised this meant that for girls, you wouldn’t get pregnant. Apparently both my Nan and two following generations had to get married and gain a sort of independence as a married woman.

It was this limited view of me that has kept me going with this new service through all the times when I just didn’t want to write anymore.

So many people who I have met over the years suffered with a lack of self belief, simply because no -one believed in them or they were restricted by a limited belief system. This belief system governs all your feelings and actions so like my father, although you are not in a camp, you are in effect, a prisoner. The reason it feel so difficult to change is that the belief system acts like your prison guard, it doesn’t want you to escape.

If you get stuck thinking you have nothing much to offer, you will carry on thinking this way. Fortunately there was one person at my school who did see past my outer, bolshi defence mechanism and understand that I was overwrought by problems in my family.

Because of this, for those of you who are struggling with finding new work or maybe your first opportunities, I have produced a product dedicated to being the place where you can find support, share in other peoples stories, their failures and their successes.

As the site builds, there will be opportunities to network and pass on links to up and coming jobs or refer others who have given you help and service.
I hope my great grandad would have been proud of me, He was a Captain in the Church Army and only recently I found out that he was instrumental in setting up the first homes for unemployed men in the country. I have found a photo of him at one of the homes in Holloway Road in London. I’ll publish it on the site if the photo is clear enough.

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