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How to find yourself

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DockMost of us, at some time in life, have voiced a need to find ourselves or be ourselves. The tricky part is recognising what we are looking for,how to find it and incorporate it, whatever the ‘it’is.

The ‘it’ is actually our conditioning , to quote J.Krishnamurti ‘When you become aware of your conditioning,you will understand the whole of your consciousness. Consciousness is the total field in which thought functions and relationships exist.’

‘What opens the door to yourself is daily awareness and attention. of how we speak, what we say, how we walk,what we think.’  Behind the it lies our true nature. When we pay attention we can start to step out of the hypnosis of conditioning  to make the choices relevant to the present.

Firstly we need some space to reflect.

If you watched the ‘Big Silence’ on BBC2 a few years ago, you will have seen people struggle initially with being silent. Staying away from the distractions of every day life, mobile phones,people,music,televison and so on.

When we are distracted, we cannot become aware. Sometimes we are forcibly awoken with problems or circumstances which shake us up.

Over twenty five years, I have worked with some wonderful people and been trained by Buddhists to Benedictines, UN hostage negotiators,psychologists and global coaches and business leaders. Each has contributed a specialist view yet the underlying message is to learn how to be fully present and experience joy.

Get yourself freed up and give yourself a present in 2015. If you would like a consultation by Skype or email contact me at allie@life-changing.co.uk

Allie Stewart

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