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About Allie Stewart FRSA

P1000313So here I am – Allie Stewart. Born and bred and currently resident in the UK. I’m married with two daughters and now three grandchildren. I have led what some might say is an “interesting life”, most of which you can read about in my early blogs.

Wherever I may be now, it certainly hasn’t all been plain sailing and my path to today has not been straightforward. But I think we can all say that – an unusual or unorthodox upbringing and difficult times are not unique to me or to you. However, those challenges do make you the person you are today – a unique individual with tastes, views and preferences all of your own. That’s not to say we know what to do with our unique individuality all of the time and in fact in many instances we can be positively baffled by the differences between ourselves and others.

My interest in people, stimulated by my family backgound, steered my search for a new career. The Diploma in Counselling offered an opportunity for theoretical study and practical application and I signed up.

Over 15 years later I am, a fully qualified, and highly experienced, counsellor, ILM Corporate Athlete Cert. in Coaching, trainer and personal development consultant. More recently I have been on retreat at a Benedictine Monastery considering the topic of Spirituality and Leadership and I am now also a Reiki Master. My work is totally confidential operated within the ethical framework of the BACP and supervised

Over the past 15 years I have helped many  people to make changes  in their lives. Whether working with individuals or small groups in private and corporate settings, the goal is the same – to help people cope with the inevitable changes that life throws at us and help those people discover their true self and move onto something more in line with their values rather than the values of how you ‘should’ fit in an ever demanding world.

What matters to me is what matters to you.

If you would like to talk to me and see whether I can helpyou with changes you need to make or changes which are happening to you –  contact me on:

allie@life-changing.co.uk or 01892 863524

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