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About Allie Stewart

Currently we are experiencing many challenges in the world which have affected many people in terms of redundancies, decreased sales and financial insecurity and the life changes which go alongside these events.

Businesses need to make cutbacks and also need to keep developing staff but training is often the easiest expense to trim.

So, if you are in this position, one of the best expenditures to make will be in keeping yourself and your employees fully engaged. It’s well known that actively disengaged people reduce a companies productivity. In America Gallup found that the true cost to the American economy is over $300 billion dollars annually.

We work with you and your teams to make sure the best possible working relationships are in place.

If you want to find out more and would like to arrange a brief meeting then call me Allie on 01892 870057 or email allie@life-changing.co.uk

Sales Turnaround

Mike, a successful Interim Sales Director, brought an extra dimension by designing and presenting   focussed and structured courses to help improve sales performance. His wealth of sales experience is a valuable asset to companies looking for a fresh approach to building increased profitability.

If you are business looking for an overview of your sales operation and help to motivate and refocus your sales team, or you are a sales person looking for confidential advice on how to improve your performance, send Mike an email to: mike@life-changing.co.uk for a telephone appointment.


In the mid 90’s I was offered the chance to move into outplacement in a company in London – a fantastic opportunity to help people cope with their feelings about redundancy or change, whilst giving them access to a structured programme which would help them gain new employment , or even change their career path completely, in the shortest possible time.

For people who are looking for their first career, change of career or experiencing redundancy, we have also made available an on line outplacement/career development package. Because traditional outplacement/career development is not available for everyone, especially where companies have a reduced ,budget, many people are just left to their own devices, spending rafts of time scouring the web for vacancies or trying to sift through the masses of information available on the huge number of websites offering help ending up confused and anxious when there is no clear path.

The Life Changing Company  set of packages can help both companies and individuals make the effective tools of  outplacement available to a wider audience.  The packages offer an on line  profile, workbooks to help you deal with Understanding Yourself, Change, C.V. Preparation and Interview Techniques; a daily action plan, informational videos and teleseminar recording.

Our corporate clients include: The Audit Commission, Kensington and Chelsea PCT, Pfizer, Mysis, Cap Gemini Ernst and Young, Kingston Communications, Cision, Eurotax Glass’s,Wick Hill,Legal and General and the Post Office.


We also offer seminars on various topics including:

stress management, conflict management,engagement and motivation, and employee wellness. We work on corporate wellbeing with Knowle Grange Health Club and Spa www.knowlegrange.co.uk

email allie@life-changing.co.uk or call 01892 870057 to find out how we can help you