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A World of Discovery – the hidden job market

Submitted by on August 25, 2009 – 9:30 amNo Comment

shutterstock_2465504When looking for a new job most people tend to stick to the tried and tested routes of scanning the papers or registering with agencies. The major downside of both approaches is that they are not very proactive and you are competing with a large number of applicants.

You might have heard references to the hidden job market and this blog is designed to help you tap into it.

If you think about the job market as a rather large iceberg, then you know that only twenty percent of the ice(jobs)appears above the surface, the other 80% is hidden.

This demonstrates ,that even in a recession, the proportion of vacancies which is visible is still the same, so discovering the other 80% will pay you dividends.

This subject is covered in more depth in the Job Search Packages and if you are a group of students or mothers wanting to return to work, it would be worth while to set up a working group and purchasing the silver package which will give you input from me as well as opportunity to share ideas and research with each other.

The best way to start discovering the hidden job market is to research companies within your geographical area of choice, find out from their press releases and P.R.  their growth area  and to see whether your skills and experience can be targetted to help them with their growth or any other current need.


At the moment, a different style of thinking is needed. In previous times you could more or less rely on there being enough positions available through normal routes, that you would not need to apply energy to research. In general this is always a powerful approach because it says a lot more about you as a person and you can uncover more exciting careers. 

I have put the image of the underwater world in here as a reminder that there are undiscovered opportunities and we no longer need to think about jobs which are in our immediate locality.

If you want a job in London then living in London would be a better choice because the effort and cost of commuting is both tiresome and expensive.

I researched the Opera House at Covent Garden last week and they offer apprenticeships and training schemes for people who want a career in theatre. The National also has openings so if you have leanings towards this environment it’s worth a look.

You can also choose companies close to home, ask if you can go in for a look round and see what they do. Do you have a network of friends who would permit you to shadow them or a colleague for a week.

Researching directly with companies can pay dividends both in opportunities and a chance for you to shine.

Also can you do extra training or learn another skill such as Teaching English as a Foreign Language so that you can work abroad.

Being action based with a willingness to help solve problems and give good service are the most desirable attributes in the current job market. So set sail on your voyage of discovery and take yourself to the world as right now it won’t be coming to you.

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