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Finding sanctuary in a busy life.

Submitted by on September 10, 2010 – 10:13 amNo Comment

shutterstock_22040107[1]Those of you who read my blog will know that I use a holistic approach when helping people change their lives or careers, mostly I provide a quiet healing place, away from mobile phones, work and family, where clients can take time out to slow down and reflect.

I have been fortunate over the years to work with some exceptional teachers and, most recently The Benedictine Monks on my spirituality retreat where I went for some sanctuary and also to learn about Leadership with a spiritual perspective.

I brought home a book called ‘Finding Sanctuary’ by Abbot Christopher Jamison and would like to share some of his words with you this morning on ‘Busyness’:-

‘There was a time, in the good old days, when people had time and life moved at an easy pace. But ‘modern society’ changed all that and we are now stuck with a way of life that is a breathless rush. ‘People don’t have time like they used to’- and we all nod in agreement.

‘This busy-ness is so endemic that even the act of coming on retreat for forty-eight hours evokes in them strong feelings of guilt.’  They feel that simply being in the monastery is self indulgent ‘. ‘They should be working or have left their spouse to look after their children’.’One day they will make a life decision to escape from all this ….. but not yet.

When clients come to me for life or career coaching they are usually desperate to make their escape from a life which is squeezing them dry. They want to change but don’t know how to begin.

The beginning is the making of a space where you can slow down and be present to yourself. No longer distracted and looking for distractions to take away the discomfort of your situation. Be with the discomfort, it’s there to teach you something, to make you aware. To be in the present and notice.

The first life coaching sessions begin with making time and space to consider those ‘should’ messages which run round and round in our minds, keeping us awake at night and trapped in lives which need fresh air blowing through, shifting the cobwebs and emptying the trunks of baggage we carry so that we can be free to reflect upon our life and its higher purpose so that we can become who we truly are not who we think we should be.

As an older woman I can now tell you that what you worried about and what you strove for will not seem so important in the later years of your life. You won’t believe me now as you will be running from your job, to pick up your children, read to your children, oversee their homework, worry about not having sex because you are too tired, are you thin enough, good enough, man enough,deliberating on whether you should do more exams, go for promotion, join the work cricket team, have a night out, another drink, see your parents, move house, sort your pension, your insurance —– are you screaming yet??  

Meanwhile, life ticks by in it’s own rythym. The sun comes up, the flowers come out, the wind blows, the tide ebbs and flows but you won’t notice as you are so busy busy and the world won’t notice you as you are out of sync.

So, to move out of the hypnotic trance of your daily life, build yourself a little corner inside yourself where you can take sanctuary to reflect and consider. To be peaceful for a moment. Turn off your mobile on your way to work, notice how you feel. Are you jumpy and nervy? Breathe, look out the window, the scenery and the world will be here long after you and I are gone and  this moment in time won’t come again.

Be present to the present. Be here and now, slow down, be you.

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