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7 types of interview Questions

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If you are about to have an interview and are worried about questions, here are some pointers.

Self Awareness.

This question is designed to get a feel for who you are and your skills and attitudes.

Tell me about yourself?
Tell me about two achievements you are proud of.
What kind of situations do you find difficult to deal with?

Career awareness

What are the key things you are looking for in a job?

What are your immediate and long term career goals and what is your plan to meet them?

What attracted you to this job?


Be prepared with an example of your recent project or take support material.

Because this is a highly technical interview you will get asked detailed questions such as:-

How did you overcome a particular technical problem?


What would you do if?

How would you tackle the project if you got the job?

What would you do as a team leader if you had a team member not performing well?


Give an example of a time when you had to make a decision quickly.

Describe working on a team where there was conflict and what did you do.

Describe a situation where you had to persuade others to your point of view.

Off the Wall

What do you think of (current affairs situation)?

Your own questions.

Take in a list but no more than six and ones which interest you.

Above all, be prepared as 80% people never bother to research or prepare before interview and then stuggle on the spot when asked questions which they have not thought about.

Takes the anxiety away and you will show yourself in a more confident manner.

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