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Spiritual Development and Entering by The Narrow Gate

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     Spiritual development and Entering by The Narrow Gate

       Celtic Spirituality and Anam Cara – Soul Befriending

How does one transition from the survival dance to the sacred dance. Do you know the first half of life has to fail you? In fact if you do not recognise an eventual and necessary dissatisfaction in a form of sadness, restlessness, emptiness, intellectual conflict or spiritual boredom, you will not move on to maturity. Without growth being forced on us, few go willingly on the spiritual journey, why would we? ( Richard Rohr)

If you want to get out of the loop, you need to know the destination

Understand the journey, recognise your shadow self and how it presents to you as drama and conflict Keep life simple and accept the limits of your control How to listen to your inner wisdom and be ready to move into the light Lose the tunnel vision of creating your own happiness Find how happiness can be created for you through a higher goal

If you want to find out more I am running a workshop on 6th October in Groombridge Kent, from 12.00 midday until 4.00pm. with a donation of £10.00 to cover costs.

allie@life-changing.co.uk for reservations

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