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Life-Coaching with Allie

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The Life-Changing Company in its counselling form, began twenty five years ago offering  a reflective space where people could take time out from the information overload of modern life; whershutterstock_16520674e they could be away from the ‘advice pressure’ of family and friends – and identify which changes to make to bring more balance and satisfaction to their working lives and personal relationships. Since 2000, I have also worked on outplacement and career management projects for large City organisations, especially when they are making large scale redundancies.


You may have already approached many of life’s crossroads, births, financial stress, leaving unhelpful relationships, loss of friends and family with the constant question – what is this life all about. Some changes we can choose, others are thrust upon us.


Well, I don’t know either what ‘it’s all about’, only that I have been through many of the crossroads and lived to tell the tale. I can bring you the wisdom of many of the wonderful teachers who helped me to stay loving, learning and enquiring, building my love for teaching people how to listen to their own bodies, hearts and minds using holistic methods then combining the results with the best tools from coaching to enable you outline a personal plan for your life.


It seemed to me that many people were missing out on a vibrant and exciting form of personal development, usually only available if your company paid for it. Reflective coaching helps to crystallize your thoughts creating an environment where you can flourish and make the changes you have identified in your own way and time. You can benefit whatever age as there are always opportunities for a new focus or change. Currently our service is helping graduates and young people in particular start on their career path and mothers who are considering returning to work. We also have empty nesters, I am one myself!


My service is tailored to your needs so we can find a solution to suit most pockets.


Allie Stewart


Located near Heathfield East Sussex  Contact me 01435 863611 or allie@life-changing.co.uk

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